GoodSearch, the charitable way to search

I love google, but I love having regular actions (searching! shopping! dining out!) support wonderful nonprofits. Once you sign up with GoodSearch, a nonprofit organization of your choice benefits from your everyday actions without you spending any additional time or money. It’s very easy to sign up, and satisfying to see the dollars add up.… Continue reading GoodSearch, the charitable way to search

There shouldn’t be a distinction between what’s healthy and unhealthy. Cooking and eating well, meaning deliciously and nutritiously, is not just an issue of access or cost — it’s also an issue of education and understanding, and our government has a responsibility to help with this transition. And as chefs, we have the responsibility to… Continue reading

Top 5: Fun Things I’ve Learned From Sam Hansen (though there are many more)

In no particular order… Yellow watermelon not only exists, but is delicious. The Jen Bokoff is not only a drink, but it is delicious. We are very creative with subject lines; we’ve only repeated ourselves a handful of times. Sometime Someday Somewhere was a good one, as was the more recent Sporific Sundays is a… Continue reading Top 5: Fun Things I’ve Learned From Sam Hansen (though there are many more)

NYC Green Cart Fresh Food Pack Launches Today

I’m pleased to share with you the Fresh Food Pack, a joint collaboration between the Laurie M. Tisch Illumination Fund, NYC Green Cart Initiative, and the James Beard Foundation. I’ve been working on this over the last several months and I’m very pleased with how everything in this Spring/Summer pack turned out. Great photography, yummy… Continue reading NYC Green Cart Fresh Food Pack Launches Today

Building Community the #NeighborBBQ Way

This is such an awesome and simple toolkit for how to break down walls with neighbors and enjoy in a delightful BBQ together. This (well-shot) video breaks down the concept: The website has more information including a template invitation, delicious recipes, and tips. Even though it looks very suburb-y (read: yard-based), it’s city adaptable, too.… Continue reading Building Community the #NeighborBBQ Way