My friend started a company called Audrey and Emma. I really like how she came up with the name, which also carries a story and philosophy that I think defines the brand.

About Audrey & Emma: The Women

Audrey Hepburn is one of two muses behind our namesake. Many know Ms. Hepburn for being the picture of grace and style – singlehandedly making the Louis Vuitton Speedy famous in 1965. But fewer may know of her remarkable humanitarian efforts. Ms. Hepburn dedicated many years of her life helping children in need. She served as a UNICEF ambassador raising international awareness for children dealing with hardships. Please visit the Children’s Fund created in her honor.

Emma Coccia is the other muse in this story. Unlike Ms. Hepburn, she was known by very few. She had never starred in a movie. Never married. Never owned a luxury handbag or travelled the world. But, much like Ms. Hepburn, she was a warm and compassionate woman. A woman of grace and style. And an iconic figure to the founder of this company, her great-niece.

 I would love to be an inspired entrepreneur one day, and what’s awesome is to see this inspiration coming from anywhere or anyone. So, eyes and ears are always open.

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