Weekly #MillennialChat Builds Reach and Success

When I can, I participate in the weekly Millennial Chats held over Twitter. The reach is actually staggering; last week’s special chat about the Millennial Impact Report included 547 tweets that reached an audience of 1,423,994 followers. I was among the tweeters, and even if you weren’t following the conversation, you can check it all out here. What I like about these chats is the momentum, the connectivity, and the reinforcement of shared values in a generation. 

TOMORROW, July 19, is an all day virtual conference called MCON12 about all aspects of millennial engagement. It will feature more than 30 high-quality speakers on a range of topics. Plus, for folks like me who can’t attend all day, all conference materials will be available with registration for a year. It’s not a large price tag to gain tremendous insight to and connection with the values and abilities of my generation, so check it out.

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