I couldn’t be more psyched to invite you to this event celebrating LIFT. This year, the annual NYC event will feature a (donated!) performance by our newest board member, the very talented Ben Harper! The event will include a tapas-style dinner, open bar, and concert. Tickets will certainly sell out this year, so I strongly encourage you to buy early if you’d like to attend!

I’ve been on the host committee for this event for the last four years and have been deeply invested in LIFT as a client advocate, leader, fundraiser, and supporter since 2004. LIFT is a nonprofit combating poverty by filling in the gaps of the social services system and advocating for change through education, leadership development, and relationship-building in communities and among individuals. You can read more about their approach here. There was also a phenomenal article in the New York Times featuring LIFT just a few months ago, which I encourage you to read and share as well. The LIFT brand has certainly gained prestige and backs it up through increasingly incredible client service numbers and engagement of volunteers; I couldn’t be more proud to LIFT.

If you’d like to hear more about what LIFT means to me and why I support it, please let me know and I will continue to gush. I hope you can make the event… sign up today! If you know others who are interested in attending, certainly share this post as well. Finally, if you can’t attend, but would consider making a donation in any amount, that would be absolutely incredible and so sincerely appreciated. I can coordinate that or you can give directly online here.

With much gratitude for your friendship and support,

In the Fight Against Poverty, It’s Time for a Revolution

I am so proud to be a long-time LIFT volunteer, leader, advocate, and supporter alongside countless others. To really understand some of the thing I value most and dreams that I fight for, please read this article. The work LIFT has done throughout the years and the growth it continues to do is incredible, and this is one of the most comprehensive articles sharing LIFT’s work. Hats off to the staff, client advocates, clients, community partners, and supporters who make it all happen.

The revolution isn’t over, but it has certainly begun.

In the Fight Against Poverty, It’s Time for a Revolution

Want to go? I’m on the host committee and promise a fun and inspiring time for all. Plus, you’ll love learning about LIFT, which is an anti-poverty social services providing non-profit that actually makes a difference. Happy to discuss more if you’re interested!

Living Philanthropic: Day 285: LIFT


It’s a snowy, snowy day here in Chicago, had a lovely walk home in the snow. As much I love a snow day, I know this going to be a tough night for the homeless and those living below the poverty line, which is why it’s important for me to support organizations working to lift people out of…

This is fantastic! Thanks for the support; I think we can all learn how far a small donation and some kind words go. To read more about LIFT, click here, or email me to hear more about my experiences.

Living Philanthropic: Day 285: LIFT

Swanky NYC Benefit for Awesome Nonprofit

Hope you might be interested in coming to this great event for LIFT. I worked with LIFT for 4 years in Boston and have continued to be involved with the organization because I care about combatting poverty, providing effective and free services to folks in need in our communities, and using the rich skill set of college students to better our world. I believe in LIFT’s model, and I would be happy to to talk with anyone interested more about the organization or this event. Check it out. Don’t let price be an issue if you’re within a few years out of college, too.