In the Fight Against Poverty, It’s Time for a Revolution

I am so proud to be a long-time LIFT volunteer, leader, advocate, and supporter alongside countless others. To really understand some of the thing I value most and dreams that I fight for, please read this article. The work LIFT has done throughout the years and the growth it continues to do is incredible, and… Continue reading In the Fight Against Poverty, It’s Time for a Revolution

LIFT’s Annual Spring Benefit, New York City

liftcommunities: LIFT invites you to join us in New York City as we celebrate a year of growth and achievement and lay the groundwork for an exciting year ahead. If you’re interested in attending, please let me know! I’m on the host committee and and would love love love to have you there!LIFT's Annual Spring… Continue reading LIFT’s Annual Spring Benefit, New York City

Swanky NYC Benefit for Awesome Nonprofit

Hope you might be interested in coming to this great event for LIFT. I worked with LIFT for 4 years in Boston and have continued to be involved with the organization because I care about combatting poverty, providing effective and free services to folks in need in our communities, and using the rich skill set… Continue reading Swanky NYC Benefit for Awesome Nonprofit