#likemindbk – coffee & convo meetup group

Join fellow Neighborhoodr editors Alisha and Jeannie Rose for coffee and conversation tomorrow morning! Our monthly meetup is tomorrow, Friday June 15th at Hungry Ghost. For you early risers and workers, I’ll be there around 7:30am. Swing by before 10am and join us at one of the communal tables. All are invited!#likemindbk - coffee &… Continue reading #likemindbk – coffee & convo meetup group

Prospect Heights, Brooklyn: Quiz Time! Restaurant Bathrooms Sign

neighborhoodr-prospectheights: Hey Neighborhood Mavens, Here’s a trivia question for you. What hotspot in the neighborhood has this text on a fun sign in their bathroom? We like to keep our restroom clean. Gentlemen: the toilet is lower than it appears, so adjust accordingly. Ladies: please remain seated for the entire performance. HINT: They have a… Continue reading Prospect Heights, Brooklyn: Quiz Time! Restaurant Bathrooms Sign