Interview with Robin Gelfenbien: Comedienne and Storyteller

Last month, I had the pleasure of performing in Adam Wade’s Whatever Happened To The Nerds storytelling show alongside the very talented and hilarious Robin Gelfenbien. She hosts and performs in a bunch of shows every month, has friends who are tax attorneys, and has been spotted on numerous occasions in a hot dog truck.… Continue reading Interview with Robin Gelfenbien: Comedienne and Storyteller

What I did to survive Irene:

Movie Marathon. I seldom get to watch a movie, let alone 3*. These weren’t just any 3 movies, they were all available on Netflix Instant Watch and they all had Paper in the title. I’m not a nerd, I swear. Paper Heart: Indie documentary (comedy? drama? romance?) centered around the question “What is love?” I really… Continue reading What I did to survive Irene:

Why the “earthquake” and “hurricane” are just another government conspiracy.

1. It’s totally stimulating the economy. 2. It’s making people feel like the government is working for them. 3. It’s proving that climate change is real and putting it back on the political map. 4. It’s another reason they can cite Twitter as awesome and get them to work with the government more. OK, in… Continue reading Why the “earthquake” and “hurricane” are just another government conspiracy.