I’m not a huge fireworks person, though I do enjoy shared experiences with people in my community. So, on July 4th, I found myself happily on the roof enjoying a beer and the white noise of people on surrounding rooftops combined with the randomly distributed boom of fireworks in 5 different directions. Best of all,… Continue reading

On Fiery Redheads

This article from Slate about the perpetuation of the sassy, fiery, stubborn, hot-tempered redheaded stereotype is an interesting read. The author asserts that she’s not one of them and doesn’t get it; I believe and respect that. I am probably closer to the stereotype and feel proud to be a redhead; for some reason though,… Continue reading On Fiery Redheads

Exclusive Interview with John Solo from the new film Love Magical

I had the pleasure of interviewing John Solo, who plays Stan Klock in the new film Love Magical by babywolf productions. The film, shot in NYC, is the story of David Justice, an overly passionate man whose fear of love is standing in the way of his dream of becoming the greatest R&B songwriter in… Continue reading Exclusive Interview with John Solo from the new film Love Magical

Check out the trailer for a new film by Mary Mazzio called The Apple Pushers. It’s an absolutely phenomenal exploration of the intersection of immigrant entrepreneurship, obesity, and access to fresh fruits and vegetables through compelling characters and thoughtful storytelling. You can like it on Facebook,  too, and check back here for the website that’s… Continue reading

Disney heiress is smart about… estate taxes?! Yup.

Abigail Disney has a really good head on her shoulders. On top of being a leading philanthropist and talented documentary filmmaker, she’s a beneficiary of a huge estate…and understands the taxes behind it.  Now, if only she’d get rid of the pigtails, I could take her completely seriously.Disney heiress is smart about... estate taxes?! Yup.