Proposal: a new metric for company success

It’s more or less all about the money and reach, both long and short term, right? We don’t usually look at ethics of a company until they’re discovered to be twisted. And, we mostly know companies based on their leaders and brand. What about the individuals who compose the company?

In my twisted sociological paradigm, I wonder why we don’t more often evaluate companies by the character of their employees. Just one employee with low morals, outlandish self worth, selfishness, or cowardly tendencies could eventually taint or spoil a company’s profile. So why not look more to that?

Logistically, the time it would take to do so “scientifically” would be astronomical. On paper, the results would be difficult to summarize and present. In context, the findings wouldn’t matter because they’d be out-shadowed by other, more important, metrics.

Regardless, I hold that it’s important and a potential next step to more informed dialogue about publicly owned or visible entities. Maybe a user rated system that combines the simplicity and scope of with the popular style of yelp could be a first step.

All I want to do is make companies and their investors really understand their makeup, and therefore their character, and understand the potential implications of that so that appropriate actions can be taken as necessary.

Why do I even care?
Because it makes me sick how many people get away with being unethical and self-interested under the guise of something else.

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