Well, I’m officially a published author.

Shouldn’t there be some sort of super-excited-feeling that goes with this?!?! I never wrote an “aftermath” post to the Find the Future game that I played back in May, because the truth is, I felt a little deflated. Unimpressed for sure. Disappointed overall. It was tricky to articulate that, because I didn’t want to pop… Continue reading Well, I’m officially a published author.

Thoughts going into today’s Find the Future

Many of you have been following (in one way or another) my thoughts and learnings leading up to tonight’s Find the Future at the New York Public Library. I feel the need to make a statement before it all begins, so here goes: What I think will be most interesting on a micro level is… Continue reading Thoughts going into today’s Find the Future

Game On: Hundreds Spend the Night at the Library to Play Futurist Game

Great teaser from WNYC! McGonigal, who is the author of “Reality is Broken" and an alumna of Fordham College at Lincoln Center, said that her team worked with library curators for six months to identify 100 objects, or treasures — like the Declaration of Independence and the stuffed animals that inspired A.A. Milne to write… Continue reading Game On: Hundreds Spend the Night at the Library to Play Futurist Game

How I got into the New York Public Library game

Everyone’s been asking….how did I get picked as one of the awesome 500? Honestly, not sure after reading my submission, but I’m sticking to it. Here it is sans edits for you to judge yourself. jenbo1 Brooklyn, NY By the year 2021, I will become the first person to… ride an Air Bike (http://bit.ly/f19skT) around the… Continue reading How I got into the New York Public Library game