Spam can be fun

My friend Kent who I met at the library just began a blog in which he reposts noteworthy spam. I am very much a fan already, as his first post truly captures the beauty of a well-written spam email. A blog like this can transfer the frustration and eye-rolls expressed upon receipt of spam to wonderful laughter and celebration of this crazy world in which we live.

In this new light, I revisited my Spam mailbox. My favorite that was caught in its web was just brilliant:

Good day my dear Friend,

How are you doing together with your entire family, I hope all swell am contacting you for a confidential business proposal and please care full reading understand my reason of contacting you through email. My Name is MR.Rifat Muhammad. The Director of  Foreign Remittance Unit via Bank Groups OF African Development (BOA). West   Africa

Here. I am contacting you because of an abandoned fund which was deposited by ablate customer of this bank called Mr. Rafik Bahamas Edine Hariri. 

My stand to contact you now is that, a foreign has the legal right to put claim to such deposit followed by you will proof your claim with the bank. There fore, I want you to apply as his business partner. 
And all the information and data’s you will need to make successful claim of this fund in the bank here are fully ready with me here. 

Note Well: Please urgently confirm your willingness and interest to assist me by filling and sending back to me the needed information below. 1. Your full name; 2. Your phone Telephone and fax numbers;  3.Your age;  4.Yoursex; 5.Your occupation;   6.Yourcountry and city. 

Thanks and best regards. 
MR.Rifat Muhammad. (ECONS

Sorry dear friend, you’ll have to go at this new venture alone, and gosh am I sorry to forgo this amazing opportunity. Please forgive me in the form of giving me your bank account number to treasure always.

Then there’s always stuff like this, that people on the internet crazily figure out ways to see past. (Typos? Where? Exclusivity? Good thing they sent this only to 3 others…whew! Promises of internet fame? AWESOME!)

I, of course, love it, and feel thrilled that no longer will this phenomenal comedy on sincerity steroids be relegated to the murky depths of the oft-emptied spam folder. Thanks, Kent, for the blog spam. I’ll take it.

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