How I got into the New York Public Library game

Everyone’s been asking….how did I get picked as one of the awesome 500? Honestly, not sure after reading my submission, but I’m sticking to it. Here it is sans edits for you to judge yourself.

jenbo1 Brooklyn, NY

By the year 2021, I will become the first person to…

ride an Air Bike ( around the world in an effort to advocate for non-virtual exercise and fun. Premise of Idiocracy II. 

What drives you… and what strengths do you have that will help you achieve your 2021 goal?

 Honestly, I have no idea what 2021 will bring (though it will be the age of the air bike and probably less physical activity, thus, my goal); the world is changing so rapidly and it’s important to be present and working to fix systemic issues in whatever way is most effective in the active climate. For me, bridging socioeconomic divides is really important. I worked for a nonprofit organization in which college students served as holistic case managers to low income folks. One of my favorite services that we provided (on top of interview workshops, SSDI and food stamp application support, financial literacy education, housing eviction advocacy….) was tax return preparation. Most of our clients qualified for tax credits and might not have received them had someone not helped to file a return for free. Then, I worked for the wonderful but notorious IRS and saw the other side of things, but also felt like I was still, in a different but still important way, working to improve “the system” and change lives through education, sincerity, and commitment. Now, I’m working for a private foundation that funds creative and innovative approaches to solving long-standing problems in New York.

SO, I get the importance of thinking outside the box from many different angles, with a goal of leaving the world a better place through my work. Something I bring to the table is my network – I love participating in classes (improv comedy! brooklyn brainery math! bridge!) and events (art openings! scavenger hunts! rallies!) so that I can meet other inspiring and inspired people. It broadens my perspective even more and makes me a better person, which I’m then able to pay forward.

On a less serious note (which is also important!), I LOVE games. Especially social games. Scavenger hunts are the epitome of awesome for me. I even designed and taught a class on the sociology of board games. doing this would be unreal. I will bring a ridiculous amount of fun and EXCITEMENT!

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