Announcing First Ever Brooklyn Neighborhood Reports

The Center for the Study of Brooklyn at Brooklyn College and the Brooklyn Community Foundation are pleased to release the first ever Brooklyn Neighborhood Reports.  Over 600 pages in total, each of the 19 new reports- one for each of the borough’s 18 Community Districts, and one for all of Brooklyn- include over 90 indicators that explore 9 different theme areas.  Accompanying Data Tablesprovide even greater detail, as will the forthcoming Data NotesRead the official January 2012 launch announcement here.  

These are pretty cool! Can’t wait to dive in further, but my initial thought is that I love the metrics they picked to explore and how they present it all. No reports or statistics are ever without questions or flaws, but this is a really nicely pieced together snapshot of all things Brooklyn. Well done!

Announcing First Ever Brooklyn Neighborhood Reports

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