Wow! A $10,000 real life treasure hunt!!

These guys: hid a treasure in NYC and gave clues to find it! And not just ANY treasure…. $10,000! We Lost our Gold uses videos and Twitter to give clues to where the money is hidden, and to get folks out and about in the city. I’m very interested to learn more about how this… Continue reading Wow! A $10,000 real life treasure hunt!!

Seeing all of your twitter followers in a spreadsheet….

Is kind of gross….it’s like seeing an awesome list of people you sort of want to be friends with (or are! right?!) but not really and probably won’t be. Regardless, the data is fun to play with. And to learn that I have real followers all over the world, from Alaska to Auckland to Lima… Continue reading Seeing all of your twitter followers in a spreadsheet….

Social Media in the Classroom? Cool.

I appreciate the efforts of teachers to incorporate different learning styles in the classroom. I definitely think it is still important (and, arguably, a dying art) to communicate effectively and thoughtfully ‘in person’, but communicating effectively and naturally via social media is important too. I’d love to be a fly on the wall (or, on… Continue reading Social Media in the Classroom? Cool.

Social Media as News Platform…Watch Out!

Good thoughts and an important reminder about having a discerning eye when consuming media (you’re doing it right now). It’s always scary to me that people don’t look at sources or ask important questions about unsupported information. Be saavy, people. And education activists, is there anything being done to teach media smarts to kids in… Continue reading Social Media as News Platform…Watch Out!