Help the Brooklyn Brainery find a new space!

via neighborhoodr-prospectheights (aka my alter ego):

One of our favorite Brooklyn establishments, the Brooklyn Brainery, is looking for a new home. They host amazing classes on every topic imaginable, and will also be a coworking space. Blog readers, I challenge you to help bring the Brainery to our wonderful Prospect Heights neighborhood! You’ll be rewarded richly by the Brainery and showered in thanks by me, too. Please share this hunt with your networks and find good things!

Full details on what they’re looking for and how to share good spaces is here.

Help with the great hunt, friends! I have some more classes to teach and take, and I’d be oh so excited to have this center of awesomeness within close walking distance.

Wow! A $10,000 real life treasure hunt!!

These guys:

hid a treasure in NYC and gave clues to find it! And not just ANY treasure…. $10,000! We Lost our Gold uses videos and Twitter to give clues to where the money is hidden, and to get folks out and about in the city. I’m very interested to learn more about how this game has played out and figure out why now, almost a year later, the treasure still has not been found. Who will hunt with me?

Wow! A $10,000 real life treasure hunt!!

Key to the City – Secrets Abound in NYC

#keytocity I’m SO psyched to be the new proud owner of a key to the city. Of course, under Paul Ramírez Jonas’ new project, lots of people have access to one. Now through labor day, I can open more than 20 different gates, boxes, and doors throughout all five boroughs of New York. After waiting in line to get a key at the kiosk in times square with a buddy, you get a key and a passport showing all of the neat places you can go.

Today, I went with me key-bestower to the first of hopefully many special lockboxes – the one at the Whitney Museum of American Art. Past the ticket counter near the coat check, I opened a box and learned about the new expansion plan for the museum through a detailed model and explanation from the coat check clerk. Yes, it sounds a little cheesy to open a box that really isn’t THAT secret to learn something else that probably isn’t THAT secret, but I still got a kick out of it.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to doing way more of these over the course of summer. Let me know if you want to go on any adventures with me!

Governor’s Island is basically awesome

I did an all-day scavenger hunt yesterday through Metro Metro (they’re awesome) that took place mostly on Governors Island. I had never been there and honestly had to look up where it was (wee bit southeast of South Street Seaport in Manhattan) and what mode of transportation you use to get there (answer). Even though I was running around like crazy looking for a Latvian flag, a hatless man on a building, the building 12 fallout shelter’s capacity, a missing pillar, and a fireman’s profile, I had an amazing time taking in all that the island has to offer.

Here’s how the island got purchased:

cheap eh?

Among the many things to do on the island, you can have a picnic, explore old living quarters, hear a storyteller, learn about the old hospital and castle (formerly used as a jail), rent bikes, see some cool cannons and eerie rocking horses at Ft. Jay, explore new art projects, learn about military activity, and of course have a beer on water taxi beach. I urge you to go and check out this gem. More activities happening on the island, its history, and visiting information can be found here. I’ll go back.