Google has a pretty great food program.

It’s free, it’s 24/7, it’s varied and delicious, and it’s supportive of health and environmental values. The only place on the campus where employees pay for food is from a vending machine.  The pricing strategy is based on nutrient content, again according to the Harvard pyramid plan.  For the vended products, you pay: one cent per… Continue reading Google has a pretty great food program.

I have done nothing proactive on Google+.

However, 52 people have added me. I do not feel more looped in to their lives. Further, of those 52 people, I do not know 4, which means 7.7% of people who think I’m in one of their circles for whatever reason (spam or otherwise) are not reciprocal friends per my count. Of the remaining… Continue reading I have done nothing proactive on Google+.