Google has a pretty great food program.

It’s free, it’s 24/7, it’s varied and delicious, and it’s supportive of health and environmental values.

The only place on the campus where employees pay for food is from a vending machine.  The pricing strategy is based on nutrient content, again according to the Harvard pyramid plan.  For the vended products, you pay:

  • one cent per gram of sugar
  • two cents per gram of fat
  • four cents per gram of saturated fat
  • one dollar per gram of trans fat

On this basis, Quaker Chewy Bars are 15 cents each, Famous Amos cookies re 55 cents, and an enormous Ghirardelli chocolate bar is $4.25.  Weights don’t count and neither do calories.  The machine is not run by Google.  Whoever does it has a sense of humor.

All this and much more about Google’s food via Marion Nestle’s blog.

I have done nothing proactive on Google+.

However, 52 people have added me. I do not feel more looped in to their lives. Further, of those 52 people, I do not know 4, which means 7.7% of people who think I’m in one of their circles for whatever reason (spam or otherwise) are not reciprocal friends per my count. Of the remaining 48 people, I wouldn’t even know where to begin with putting them into circles, because I don’t know what I would then do with these circles, and because many fall into multiple ‘categories’, and I’d surely miss someone and problems would ensue.

Google+ is proving very stressful for me, and I haven’t even done anything. I’m not writing it off as a product, but maybe it’s too futuristic in its simplicity for me.

Wait, is this real? 

The jury is out based on a thoroughly researched Google search, but here’s my thought:

If no, the author could should be way more clever, though it clearly has a huge following.

If yes, who ARE you?! And how do you feel about Google not giving you any answers, and your kid making a huge joke about you? YOUR VERSION OF THE INTERNET IS A BIG JOKE, AND YOU’RE FEEDING IT.