Medicine, Sociology, Academia, Identity, Performance. Wit.

I was thrilled to attend an incredible preview performance of Wit at Manhattan Theatre Club, which officially opens this evening. Through the 30 Under 30 club, three girlfriends and I got great seats to this show, directed by Lynne Meadow and starring Cynthia Nixon, which far exceeded my already high expectations. I first learned about Wit in a medical sociology… Continue reading Medicine, Sociology, Academia, Identity, Performance. Wit.

I have a friend who’s a ‘real person’ now!

With pride masked in self-deprication, my friend sent me the following email: I have always thought that this particular friend has a wealth of medical knowledge and fantastic bedside manner, so the achievement didn’t much surprise me. But, wow! It’s all legit suddenly!….because of the title? She agreed that she felt more like a ‘real… Continue reading I have a friend who’s a ‘real person’ now!