I completely missed this awesome answer to my NASA question from my favorite science blogger jtotheizzoe, but here it is! NASA has been continuously recruiting astronauts since 1959, even before we flew into space. There’s no signs of this slowing, although the missions and skills are continuously changing. Every few years, NASA picks a dozen or… Continue reading

So much to learn about…. bedbugs?

The ancient Greeks ate #bedbugs w/ meat and beans to treat fevers, w/ beans for snake bites and w/ with wine/vinegar to get rid of leeches (@brookeborel) Who’d have ever thunk?! I’ve been following Brooke on Twitter for awhile, and she’s always tweeting fun facts about bedbugs. The scientific name for the common #bedbug is… Continue reading So much to learn about…. bedbugs?

Wind Map = Art + Science Data Visualization

This map, which is zoomable and changes periodically as new data is received, is the most sincerely gorgeous map of wind I have ever seen. It was built to be a personal art project, but is also fairly accurate. What an amazing power our country has to use wind for energy; it’s such a rich… Continue reading Wind Map = Art + Science Data Visualization

SCIENCE! Body systems out of whack.

You’re running late for work and you can’t find your keys. What’s really annoying is that in your frantic search, you pick up and move them without realizing. This may be because the brain systems involved in the task are working at different speeds, with the system responsible for perception unable to keep pace. Your… Continue reading SCIENCE! Body systems out of whack.

Did You Know? Groundhogs do more than just predict weather

This morning, Punxsutawney Phil predicted more winter (not so bad, considering the insanely mild winter we’ve had so far). Even though Phil should keep his job, other groundhogs have been contributing to science. New Scientist reports that because of a disease common in groundhogs that resembles the human hepatitis B, they are able to lend… Continue reading Did You Know? Groundhogs do more than just predict weather