So much to learn about…. bedbugs?

The ancient Greeks ate w/ meat and beans to treat fevers, w/ beans for snake bites and w/ with wine/vinegar to get rid of leeches (@brookeborel)

Who’d have ever thunk?!

I’ve been following Brooke on Twitter for awhile, and she’s always tweeting fun facts about bedbugs.

The scientific name for the common is Cimex lectularius, which translates to bug of the bed/couch.  (@brookeborel)

A few months ago, when I did this fun little bedbug project, I became even more interested in these fascinating creatures. Sure, they’re the object of our nightmares and worst apartment experiences, but they have such a rich history and biology! Her tweets are a well-curated learning experience, and I recommend it highly if you can get over bedbugs being things that eat your blood at night. (Gross!) She’s compiling her research into a book all about bedbugs, which is totally weird and neat.

Here’s one more to make you want to learn more:

Female have their own antimicrobial protection, which they ramp up pre-feeding ( mating usually happens post-mealtime) (@brookeborel)

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