Want to help NYC recover from the storm, but don’t know how?

If you’re here in person: You can volunteer. NYC Service is the hub, but organizations like New York Cares also have projects in all 5 boroughs, and even have a special section of their website for disaster recovery. There are also great lists to monitor through Brokelyn and Time Out New York, which they’re keeping… Continue reading Want to help NYC recover from the storm, but don’t know how?

I’m not a huge fireworks person, though I do enjoy shared experiences with people in my community. So, on July 4th, I found myself happily on the roof enjoying a beer and the white noise of people on surrounding rooftops combined with the randomly distributed boom of fireworks in 5 different directions. Best of all,… Continue reading

Wind Map = Art + Science Data Visualization

This map, which is zoomable and changes periodically as new data is received, is the most sincerely gorgeous map of wind I have ever seen. It was built to be a personal art project, but is also fairly accurate. What an amazing power our country has to use wind for energy; it’s such a rich… Continue reading Wind Map = Art + Science Data Visualization

Did You Know? Groundhogs do more than just predict weather

This morning, Punxsutawney Phil predicted more winter (not so bad, considering the insanely mild winter we’ve had so far). Even though Phil should keep his job, other groundhogs have been contributing to science. New Scientist reports that because of a disease common in groundhogs that resembles the human hepatitis B, they are able to lend… Continue reading Did You Know? Groundhogs do more than just predict weather

A statistical fact. A statistical question.

The New York Yankees just became the FIRST TEAM IN HISTORY to hit three grand slams in one game! That’s a pretty incredible feat. Will New York City also become the FIRST CITY IN HISTORY to experience an earthquake, hurricane, and tornado in one week? That, too, would be a pretty incredible feat. And panic… Continue reading A statistical fact. A statistical question.