What I did to survive Irene:

Movie Marathon. I seldom get to watch a movie, let alone 3*. These weren’t just any 3 movies, they were all available on Netflix Instant Watch and they all had Paper in the title. I’m not a nerd, I swear.

Paper Heart: Indie documentary (comedy? drama? romance?) centered around the question “What is love?” I really liked it, and I became unnaturally curious about the evolution of Charlyne and Michael’s relationship. Totally recommend.

Paper Man: Offbeat drama (comedy? fantasy?) about an unusual friendship formed through the shared experience of not quite fitting in or feeling satisfied. It turned out to be enjoyable, sobering, inspirational, and everything in between, but also walked the fantasy line a little too closely for my full thumbs up. The main characters were also quite well cast. I’d say to watch this for sure if you’re not already cranky.

The Paper: Journalism drama (comedy? is ‘early 90s’ a genre?) filled with murder, ethics, and Williamsburg before it was what it is now. It had its tacky moments, its sweet moments, its chaotic excitement, and its ‘emote audibly’ moments. A cinematographic or script-driven masterpiece, no. A movie perfect to watch while cleaning and ignoring a hurricane, definitely.

So, there you go. Paper. *I even snuck in another film, Snatch, which had more characters conspiring against each other than the American political scene. A dog also was held at gunpoint; you’ll have to watch to see if he makes it out alive. A real silly awesome nail biter for sure. And you know what, let’s just say there was some paper in it.

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