On Fiery Redheads

This article from Slate about the perpetuation of the sassy, fiery, stubborn, hot-tempered redheaded stereotype is an interesting read. The author asserts that she’s not one of them and doesn’t get it; I believe and respect that. I am probably closer to the stereotype and feel proud to be a redhead; for some reason though,… Continue reading On Fiery Redheads

Sperm bank catalyzing redhead extinction

Cyros International, the world’s biggest sperm bank, doesn’t want redheaded donors anymore. The demand is too low, they stated. I suppose there’s still a chance that the ever-popular brown hair brown eyed donor is a carrier of the recessive mutated MC1R gene, but my completely scientific theory is that even less redheaded babies are going… Continue reading Sperm bank catalyzing redhead extinction

Volatile Redheads killed it tonight @mothstories

The esteemed Liz Manno and I finally got to be judges at a Moth Story Slam tonight at The Bitter End! After braving the cold by waiting in line for 1.5 hours, we got a seat front and center for Disaster. Hosted by the wonderful Jen Hixon and Sara Barron, each story slam features 10… Continue reading Volatile Redheads killed it tonight @mothstories