The Jew, the Jew, and the Gentile

My friend Valerie and I were biking back to Clinton Hill from Williamsburg. It was evening; she wanted to take the Wythe route through the Jewish part of the neighborhood, as it was better lit and less hilly. I noticed a woman in a traditional white long sleeve blouse, long black skirt, and tights signaling… Continue reading The Jew, the Jew, and the Gentile

Interview: Rachael Goodman-Williams, Founder,

I had the privilege to interview Rachael Goodman-Williams who founded And It Was Wrong, a website devoted to collecting and sharing women’s experiences with sexual assault. I was drawn to the poignant simplicity and comforting rawness of the website, and the fact of its mere existence. A storytelling class that I’m currently taking has made… Continue reading Interview: Rachael Goodman-Williams, Founder,

NEW location based-storytelling website

The wonderful Tom Schillue included this link to Broadcastr in his newsletter, and I’m psyched about it. Anyone with a computer can record, categorize, and share their geographically-tied story, and also listen to thousands of other stories found at random or through an easy topic search. As much as I love other storytelling venues like… Continue reading NEW location based-storytelling website

A hilarious kid story – guaranteed laugh.

From an email from my friend who teaches 4th grade: Spelling quiz directions: use each vocabulary word in a creative sentence that show the word’s meaning.Word: eliminateStudent 1’s answer:  I will eliminate you if it’s the last thing I do on this filthy planet.Also:Word: IncredulousStudent 2’s answer: I would be incredulous if  I saw a… Continue reading A hilarious kid story – guaranteed laugh.