Off to work/school, Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, May 9, 2012

Yes, I’m dabbling in the world of Instagram (and enjoy it, too) to capture those unexpected neighborhood moments and scenes that embrace the essence of NYC and the people who live here. Even though a lot of people are leaving Instagram since its grossly expensive Facebook acquisition, I’m sticking with it. I like the way people curate their accounts and how nearly everything is captured on the go via mobile phones. The composition of many of the photos feels more raw and imperfect but spot-on with tone (made possible by the filters) and experiencing a moment. For me, it’s a great outlet for exploring my interests in photography, neighborhoods, and people-watching without having to carry my SLR everywhere I go. I also expand how I think about each of these through the content posted by others; their perspectives are often different but still resonant.

You can follow me on your Instagram app (@jenbo1) if you want more, or just enjoy the photos I occasionally post here.

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