Wisdom, revamped.

I like both the quote (over-quoted as it is….though is it realllllly hers? and is it really that simple?) and the edits for quite different reasons. Mead’s empowering, idealized sense of communities working together is juxtaposed with Josh Miller’s pointedly cynical (but fair!) snark, which together, are both hilarious and sincerely wonderful. To me, it shows… Continue reading Wisdom, revamped.

Why Giving Back Makes Cents*

I wrote this for the Back to the Hill blog for Tufts University. But, the thoughts can apply across the private university spectrum. Incoming call. 617-627-5000. Wait! Don’t groan yet!  Yes, it might be a robotic sophomore calling to ask for money for Tufts, but give her a chance! Yes, you’re still paying back student loans and trying to… Continue reading Why Giving Back Makes Cents*