Wisdom, revamped.

I like both the quote (over-quoted as it is….though is it realllllly hers? and is it really that simple?) and the edits for quite different reasons. Mead’s empowering, idealized sense of communities working together is juxtaposed with Josh Miller’s pointedly cynical (but fair!) snark, which together, are both hilarious and sincerely wonderful. To me, it shows that there isn’t really a single paradigm for change, but that there is change everywhere, and awareness of that change is the first step to figuring out what to do with it. It also illustrates how two people, both with strong socially-aware values, can view our communal environment completely different, and perhaps also therefore illustrates how do-gooders are often too headstrong in their own track of thinking to meet in the middle, which is paradoxical given the importance of communication in any game-changing plan.

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