Biking In Heels: Cycling For Women

I took an awesome (and free!) bike class at the Brooklyn Brainery last month taught by Emily Scott, an avid cyclist with enthusiasm and smarts to boot. We covered everything from proper gear (Isle Jacobse’s great raincoats and a white helmet for increased visibility, for instance) to highest risk situations (like cars making left turns… Continue reading Biking In Heels: Cycling For Women

The perfect way to let #mom know you got there ok.

I can’t wait until the next time I travel or decide to let mom know where I am. Even if she reads about this awesome service called here first, the first call will undoubtedly result in lots of giggles and sighs of relief, followed by confusion and reasoning, followed by a call to my… Continue reading The perfect way to let #mom know you got there ok.

You might not want to read this.

NYC has now put all of its health inspections online in a really great searchable format. The criteria¬†for scoring is certainly interesting and I love the transparency. BUT I got curious about what in my neighborhood got lots of violations and is STILL OPEN. This place Beast that I like, for instance, is still open,… Continue reading You might not want to read this.