Prospect Heights, Brooklyn: Quiz Time! Restaurant Bathrooms Sign


Hey Neighborhood Mavens,

Here’s a trivia question for you. What hotspot in the neighborhood has this text on a fun sign in their bathroom?

We like to keep our restroom clean.

Gentlemen: the toilet is lower than it appears, so adjust accordingly.

Ladies: please remain seated for the entire performance.

HINT: They have a great deal on mimosas!

[Note: No real prize for winning other than a highly energized high five from me whenever our paths cross.]

[Note #2: If you have more neighborhood trivia, feel free to submit or to tweet me!]

BTW, it was a very clean bathroom. Effective signage, I’d say. I’ll post the answer on Neighborhoodr later this week if nobody guesses it, so stay tuned.

Prospect Heights, Brooklyn: Quiz Time! Restaurant Bathrooms Sign