What kind of candy are you buying?

With Halloween around the corner, candy purchasing is once again surging. Fun and tasty, right?

For us, maybe. But, lots of chocolate production is unethical, as it uses excessive child labor and unfair working conditions. Before you buy, look for a fair trade certified label, so that your fun and tasty treats aren’t at the cost of a child’s unfair labor.

Here are some tips for good chocolatey treats to give away. You could also go the fruit route!

GE 2010 Citizenship Report Released

GE businesses depend on the infrastructure, skills and institutions of stable, prosperous societies and healthy environments. To succeed as a global business, we need to be a part of building these societies where we operate. We do this through the products and services we create, the way we work with employees, customers, suppliers and investors, the public policies we advocate and the philanthropic partnerships we support.

I can’t wait to fully sift through this report, but I love the degree of corporate social responsibility leadership here.

GE 2010 Citizenship Report Released

General Mills is winning with Sustainability Goalsetting

I’m impressed by GM’s bold-but-doable statement of goals and strong display of leadership in corporate social responsibility. And, by this invention:

‘Scoop shower’ saves water

The ‘scoop shower’ is a new Häagen-Dazs innovation that gets ice cream scoops clean while conserving water.

A U.S.-European employee team worked on the scoop shower, which uses extreme water pressure to clean efficiently while reducing tap water use by 75 percent.

We’ve installed the showers in about 30 company-owned Häagen-Dazs shops and are now rolling them out to our franchised Häagen-Dazs shops.

Forge ahead, GM!

General Mills is winning with Sustainability Goalsetting

SeamlessWeb does it again.

@SeamlessWeb never fails to impress me with their do-good initiatives. It’s amazing how easy it is for companies to help out in their own way at quite little cost, and drive business at the same time. I did my once-a-week lunch order today because I knew money would go to to the UNICEF Tap Project in honor of World Water Week… $.26 for 5 orders each is $1, 50 is $10, and 5000 is $1000. Basically, it adds up.

The recent Big Tips Big Savings was another SeamlessWeb recent fave. Their website is solid, and I applaud the company.