New NYC Fresh Food Pack Launches!

A new set of 10 recipes, cooking tips, and kids fun has arrived! Get your free digital copy of the NYC Green Cart Fresh Food Pack here, or see if you can snag one at your local Green Cart vendor. And, if you cook any of the recipes, let me know how it goes!

This has been a fun project to work on through my job at the Laurie M. Tisch Illumination Fund in collaboration with the James Beard Foundation. Here’s to health and cooking fun!

New NYC Fresh Food Pack Launches!

What goes on at MaxFunCon? More than you might think.

Cheese-making was one of the highlights of my weekend, because it was so hands-on, low-stress, high(maximum!)-fun, and extra tasty. Chef Julia Crookston engaged our long-lost scientific appreciation of proteins, schooled us on the etymology and mechanics of crème fraîche, hinted at the brilliance of Trader Joe’s and Costco’s dairy products, complimented our inventive rolling of mozzarella into balls, and wowed us with tastes never before tasted.

The photos help tell some of the story; for the rest, join me on a cheese-making adventure?

[Update: I tried doing this with two friends recently, and it went really well!]

Resolutions: checking in and checking out

Here’s what I had from 2011, and what happened:

– enjoy my job transition and make the most of it

Definitely have learned a ton, so CHECK!

– learn to bake desserts

All year in my head, this resolution was to learn to like dessert and not to bake it, and I’ve recently enjoyed some decadent chocolate cakes, so CHECK!

– take more improv classes

Not only did I take the amazing Lady Party and Dynamic Duos classes, but I met some great people and also joined a quasi-regular practice group and started doing a weekly podcast with someone I met in our improv workshop at MaxFunCon. So I’d say CHECK!

– do awesome photo projects

I put some photos I had taken on canvases that came out really well, but I can’t say I did much more than that. Resolution TO BE CARRIED FORWARD!

– be sincere

Yes. There were many times when this was tested and I was maybe too honest, but I’d like to think I was successful and even diplomatic at times. This was a huge victory. CHECK!

– keep my room clean (LOL!)

It had its moments of clean, but I think my predictive LOL was telling. FAIL!

Anyway, that’s a wrap on 2011. Looking ahead to next year, my goals:

  • Do awesome photo projects
  • Maintain strong connections with important friends and family
  • Continue to explore professional and personal growth opportunities
  • Function better in unplanned, last-minute scenarios or blips in plans
  • Make this blog or another writing venture something more public, as long as I keep enjoy doing it
  • Wear makeup a little bit more, but never spend more than 120 seconds on it.
  • Take more improv classes, and continue to formulate what I want to do with it as it relates to longterm goals
  • Become a member of a nonprofit board
  • Cook more in cost effective, healthy, and fun ways
  • Work on building a sustainable skillshare of some sort among friends
  • Get Anderson Cooper to come for dinner

Good luck to me!