Crazy/different things people have done for employment.

This article highlights some crazy things that people have done to get noticed and get hired. Some of my favorites:

Turn the tables. Young programmer Andrew Horner asked employers to apply to have him work for them. “I will favor those job offers which fulfill my listed preferences,” he wrote, “but you shouldn’t worry too much if you don’t meet all of them; just be sure to let me know exactly what it is that you feel your company has to offer me.”  His site went viral.  Result: 44 offers, and a job at a mortgage financing site. 

[Go to his site; I really like the design, tone, copy, and custom illustrations.]


Give them free advice.  Sandip Singh, CEO of GoGetFunding, says he hired a programmer after the man had “spotted an error on our site and told us what code we needed to change in order to fix it.”


Send a clever design. Eric Gandhi created a resume that looked like a Google search-results page, which he says helped him get a job as a designer at the Weather Channel.

Standing out is good as long as it is true to who you are and that it meshes with characteristics a company is looking for. And, once you decide to go big or go home, follow through.

Not so bold? Here’s how I propose you jumpstart your job hunt.

Crazy/different things people have done for employment.

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