I went on a magic hour photography adventure with Anna* (top right photo; a brilliant photographer with a similar love for the city and the people here), and these were some of my favorites. Surprisingly (given the amount I talk with and observe strangers), I had never asked anyone if I could photograph them. Some folks were flattered, others indifferent, and others of course refused. When you have permission, you can really take the time to frame the photo, and that interaction can better inform the tone and feel of the end result. But, I also love capturing a moment without anybody’s knowledge, because it is completely natural. There is no feeling of posing or expressing oneself a certain way so that it ‘looks good’. The resulting mix of planned and unplanned photos is one that I am thrilled with and hope to do more of.

Click on any photo to view in high res.

*On Instagram, Anna is anna_goldberg and I’m jenbo1. Follow us!

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