This little girl sees through the marketing ploys; why can’t the rest of America? 

The only pink thing I own is my toolkit, which at least has some merging between traditional gender stereotypes. But, it’s still not there, and let’s be honest, it was gifted to me in lieu of a ‘normal’ toolbox because it was pink.

Gendered socialization is far from being changed, and it’s the job of families, the education system, and businesses to improve it. It’s important to keep working on because it’s unequal and makes those who don’t follow the normal lines of consumer consumption automatically outliers. This girl knows it, you know it, I know it; being an outlier isn’t necessarily bad, but it’s often not good, especially as kids are growing up and bullying happens at the slightest differences. Do we want cookie-cutter kids? No. Do we want kids to feel comfortable making individual choices without ridicule? I should hope so. The current marketing and consumption patterns don’t really allow for that, but hopefully, it can begin moving in the right direction.

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