Neat stuff that I’d love to share

It hasn’t been a year in the awesome book, that’s for sure. But, I derive a lot of motivation and excitement from some of the neat stuff that my friends are working on. Some of the more linkable of these are shared below; know that there are many, many more and I am simply horrible at all-encompassing lists. Perhaps I’ll even make this a recurring blog post, because there are way more friends doing way more neat things.

Health Horizons International – a nonprofit organization focused on improving primary health care and building education and capacity for improved community health in the Dominican Republic. (Laura full time and Sarah this summer)

Running – benefits the self, kids (Liz), Tufts (Rachel), and a slew of other nonprofits (the rest of my running friends)

Practicing positivity through Intensati – Yelling positive affirmations while doing high powered cardio? Yes please! (Natalia)

Fouta Lifestyle – Pauline started this business selling Tunisian foutas, and it’s truly an amazing product. Plus, her connection to the product combined with business savvy will certainly lead to more success.

Making people laugh through intelligent wit – Too many to name here, but it includes lots of my super duper awesome twitter and IRL friends and comedy friends, who are a breed of their own. Laughing is one of the most important things known to man. [Editor’s note, should have said that here.]

Singing – If you have a voice that should be used for more than just singing in the shower, people want to hear it! Thanks for sharing it and continuing your passions, Carrie!

Loving their jobs or finding things to love about them – Not linkable, but worth mentioning, because this is always really great. (Valerie, Leah, Dave, Liz, William, Mike, Andy, and more)

Controlling rainwater – Forget mother nature, we have Alex. He works on computer systems that are positively impacting our communities.

Making art – So so so creative. Any DIY thing is smart ‘in this economy’. (Lindsay and Jared)

More to come in another installment at some point! But thank you, friends, for being inspiring and wonderful.

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