Brooklyn Magazine Relaunches Website!

If you haven’t already experienced the joy of Brooklyn Magazine, you’re in for a treat. They relaunched their website today and are offering a 50% discount on a year-long subscription to the (really beautifully arranged and printed) magazine by clicking here and entering the promo code “IHALFBRO.”

I posted this to neighborhoodr-prospectheights yesterday and wanted to share it here, too, because I really do love this magazine. The aesthetics are really great; the profiles of local people and businesses are spot-on; the flow charts and neighborhood rankings are ‘so Brooklyn’ but certainly entertaining. It gives a strong sense of time and place, and both covers the trendy and calls trends before they are big. I learn a few new things each issue, and many articles become topics of conversation among my friends. It also looks very nice on a coffee table, for whatever that’s worth! With print phasing out (unfortunately), I think a well-curated, pithy-and-informative-and-engrossing quarterly magazine is the perfect fix. Support it!

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