Job Hunting, Children’s Book Style!

You Can Do It, Bunny! is a fun and encouraging tale about staying positive while job-hunting, starring cute and endearing animals.

Bunny is a recent graduate from Animal School. She’s smart, capable, and determined. However, she is not totally sure what the right job for her is. On top of that, the economy is very bad in Animal World, making each job she applies for very competitive.

With persistence, determination, and the support of her awesome friends and family, Bunny will find a creative solution to her problem of finding the right job despite the poor economy … though it might take a little bit more time and trial and error than she was expecting.

This adorable book written and illustrated by fellow Tufts Jumbo Tina Mercado is relevant, fun, and encouraging for a recent grad or friend who’s just not scoring their dream position. I like how this book takes the seriously stressful situations of unemployment and rejection and simplifies them to something manageable. There’s even a happy ending, though I won’t say any more than that!
To get an autographed copy or two of the book, support Bunny’s kickstarter fundraising campaign (just over 20 days left!). It’s such a great gift! As a teaser, check out part of the cute plot and enjoyable illustrations:

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