Interview with Liz Haag, Lipstick Reader

I met Liz Haag through the improv comedy world, and now know her to be a woman of many talents, including lipstick reading. I interviewed her about this unique skill to learn more:


Jen Bokoff: I’ve heard of lip reading (tough enough!), but how does one become a lipstick reader?

Liz Haag: It’s a good question. When I was just out of college and studying acting, I got a job hand painting temporary tattoos and henna tattoos at parties, like kids at Bar Mitzvahs and stuff. It was a great job. I loved to draw, got to go to fun events, and meet interesting people every weekend. My boss told me that she liked me and would hire me more if I could learn to do the psychic stuff, like lipstick reading, palm reading, and hand writing analysis. So, I learned. I studied a bit on my own, and they trained me some more. It turned out I had a real knack and intuition for lipstick reading that really caught on with clients.

JB: What are some traits or circumstances you can discover about a person through their lipstick?

LH: Lipstick Reading is derived from the ancient art of Chinese Face Reading. The lips only tell part of the story but it tends to be a juicy part. That’s why it’s so great for parties. 

JB: At the risk of exposing myself too much, I put my lipstick print on paper (see left). I tried multiple times to “get it right”, and realized that each try looks very different. Do you have a suggested technique for getting the perfect print? 

LH: People usually want to “kiss” the page. But I usually tell them not to pucker. Actually, it helps if they stay still and I blot the paper on their lips for them. And don’t worry about exposing too much. I always keep it light. No one wants bad news at a bachelorette party. 

JB: Interesting! Can you give me a teaser about what we can learn about me from my lipstick? 

LH: Let’s see. First of all, right off the bat it’s clear you’re talkative. This is usually one of the first things I can tell about a person based on their lips. It also says you’re a bit sensitive, but can be tough too. You’re very excitable, you like to try new things, and have a need to express yourself. How’d I do? [Editor’s Note: WOW! Yes. That’s me!]

JB: What is one of the more memorable lipsticks you’ve read? 

LH: There was a woman whose reading said she was intuitive and very giving. She dragged her husband over to have me tell him, so she could prove he was wrong about an argument they had earlier that day. It was a little intense.


Liz is available for hire for parties through her company Bash Party Entertainment for lipreading and other event services. Start off the process with a complementary consultation today. I honestly can’t think of a more uniquely fun twist to a party!

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