Nonprofit Finance Fund releases 2012 State of the Sector survey results

I think this is the best way to view and play with the data, but there’s a whole menu of how to view it here.

This section was particularly interesting to me, because I think being able to have more frank and relevant conversations with funders and board members would create a win-win for everyone. When people invest in an organization, it’s because they believe in it and want to see results. A nonprofit doesn’t need to communicate facility needs to all funders (nor should they!), but being able to openly converse about that need with certain funders – especially board members – would absolutely catalyze solutions or steps in the right direction. These conversations based in transparency immensely build the human and social capital of the nonprofit.

I can’t wait to comb through the survey more; this was just one initial observation.

Nonprofit Finance Fund releases 2012 State of the Sector survey results

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