Many of you know me as a “connector”… you can learn those soft skills too! Take my class!

That’s right, I’m teaching another class at the Brooklyn Brainery called How To Be A Connector. I know you can’t teach people to have a certain personality, but everyone can learn how to be smart with the contacts they have and connect more meaningfully. Here are the details:

Everyone knows that one person who knows everyone. If you want to learn gardening, they have a contact. A job in finance, check. A voiceover artist to coach you in starting your new podcast? Easy. But how do your peers know so many people, and how do they organize them?!

Learn about the art of being a connector (and what that even means), and what responsibilities and cautions come with it. You’ll also learn how to realize the network you already have and do the right thing with it. While this isn’t a class to learn about good networking practices in the traditional sense, you will leave with a better sense of the nuances of connecting meaningfully.

This class is perfect for people with a genuine interest in learning the art of using a Rolodex of contacts wisely, and for those who just want to appreciate how the magic happens. A willingness to participate in brainstorming and groupwork with an open mind is a must. Please don’t sign up if your primary goal is to get 14 other business cards to add to your collection… even though that very well might happen!

Sign up for this one session class on Monday, April 16, and/or share with friends who might be interested. My other class on grantwriting is full, but you can put your name on the waitlist and/or watch for me to teach it again!

[note: As of 1:30pm today, the class has sold out. Put your name on the waitlist or hope I teach it again! Don’t forget I do private consulting too; email me for rates. Thanks to all who helped to share the class!]

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