Consumer Reports fails miserably in the bagel arena

Who makes the best bagels?

Bottom line. Dunkin’ Donuts, Lender’s Original, and Costco are the best choices, but be careful which Lender’s you choose: Its refrigerated Bagel Shop version was just so-so. Thomas’ Bagel Thins are a decent option if you’re watching your weight, though they taste more like rolls than bagels.

(Consumer Reports, May 2012 Edition)

ARE YOU JOKING?!?!?! Even if you’re writing for most of America that doesn’t have the best local bagel shops, this is the best they could do?!?!?! And why is Yonkers the high end of the bagel bar?!?!?! I’m not being a New York bagel snob here (ok, I am, a little), but isn’t it clear to anyone that frozen bagels are the wrong answer?!?!?!

This survey had too small a sample size and took on a question that they absolutely failed to appropriately answer. Kudos to The Atlantic and New York Post, who properly expressed outrage.

[Editor’s Note: Soon after I posted this, I learned that Murray Lender died. So I feel slightly bad. He was a good bagel man. At least read his obituary to honor what he did to spread the love of bagels.]

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