Great customer service makes me smile

A few days a week, I start my day at the Teleon Cafe with a bagel or coffee or both. I don’t think either is that amazing, but I really enjoy the staff who works there. They are courteous and smile, and don’t make me crabby before I’ve even really begun my day.

This morning, one of the ladies (the manager, I think?) asked my name. She said I come in too often for her not to know me, and it’s just a way to start the day more personally. I was so excited. I told her I was Jen and she introduced herself as Diana and asked if I knew [name I already forgot…oops*] at the register. We all had a friendly chat about familiarity and coffee and that was that.

I’m going to make a point to learn everyone’s name there this month, and I’m going to probably keep smiling from this really trivial interaction all day.

*not my normal cashier lady, who I know everything about**, including that her 7-year-old daughter takes belly dancing class

** I don’t know her name

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