“An Unrehearsed Poem” by M received this evening in a swap at the Swap-O-Matic at Ample Hills Creamery.

I’m fascinated by this project’s purpose and social commentary, and even found myself weighing the options of what I wanted to take through the lens of what it would say about and mean to me. (If I take the dollar bill in door 12 and leave something of less monetary value, is that uncool? If I take a honeycomb-shaped bead, will I enjoy it as much as someone who makes hemp necklaces? If I take the gaudy tshirt, will defacing it into a rag feel ethical?) I wanted to just give, because it felt excessive to take (especially when I was so unsure), but to give I had to take (aka swap) since all of the doors were full (I wonder, are they usually?), and since I wanted to participate, I went for the swap and left a lucky penny (with label). I also learned in reading the poem aloud to my friend that it was authored by Max, the creme de la creme ice cream scooper with a knack for poetry and conversation.

I support this project and I support good ice cream. Go check both out.

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