And to people of all nations, I say supporting human rights is your responsibility too. The lives of gay people are shaped not only by laws, but by the treatment they receive every day from their families, from their neighbors. Eleanor Roosevelt, who did so much to advance human rights worldwide, said that these rights begin in the small places close to home – the streets where people live, the schools they attend, the factories, farms, and offices where they work. These places are your domain. The actions you take, the ideals that you advocate, can determine whether human rights flourish where you are.

Hillary Clinton’s call to action in her historic LGBT speech in Geneva.

Issues of equality for all humans regardless of geography, gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, appearance, age, medical conditions, and any other assignment or trait are extremely important to me, and also will never go away. I’m proud of the work Clinton has done and the stand our country is beginning to take; human rights is a fight that deserves strong people behind it, and distinct courage to lead the movement. Her call to action is not difficult, and it pains me to think that this is not intuitive to many people. We can and should all make a concerted effort in every action of every day to treat others with dignity and kindness, as her words can certainly be applied beyond gay people, too, to any group of people, to any person.

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