Have you met Miss Gender?

This incredible documentary podcast by Jay Frosting featuring Ashley is an audio and visual commentary on a transgender girl’s transition and her adventures becoming a girl. It’s well-constructed, completely genuine, smart, and innovative. I like that Jay and Ashley are longtime friends, and that the format is just a sincere conversation. It’s not trying to achieve anything monumental, I don’t think, but in sharing an experience full of anecdotes with a generally not transgender audience, it does, in fact, monumentally put a very real, unassuming face to an otherwise foreign and perhaps slightly ‘weird’ idea. In other words, this podcast has a super comfortable feel with a normally more edgy subject, and this engrosses a listener quite effectively while also having potential to change attitudes. Granted, this podcast shouldn’t fully construct a listener’s view of every MTF, but it’s not trying to be that at all. In summary, it’s charming and engaging.

Definitely worth a listen and a follow on twitter.

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