New York Public Library Adventure – 1 week away!

If you couldn’t already tell how EXCITED I am for the upcoming NYPL all-night game, let me tell you, I’m totally stoked.

Last week, I met about 15 of the other lucky players for a tour of the library. The tour was totally free and I highly recommend going! Everyone was really wonderful and we all had similar thoughts of ‘I don’t totally get it, but it’s going to be the coolest thing ever’ and ‘I wish this tour guide could be on my team!’

A facebook group was set up about 2 weeks ago for participants only and it’s moderated by game designer Jane McGonigal. People have been talking about some interesting strategies and traits (from use of musical talents to sharing blogs to ‘packing’ logistics), and we’ve been getting some tips and teasers along the way, like today’s from Jane:

One week until we make history together! It’s time to get ready mentally for a challenge unlike any you’ve tackled before. A few tips: Prepare yourself to tackle a truly audacious goal. Prepare yourself to be more collaborative than you’ve ever been in your life. Prepare yourself to think new thoughts, share big ideas, and push your creativity to the limit. Prepare yourself to join forces and accomplish something extraordinary together. Prepare yourself to find the unique ways YOU can contribute to making history!

My mind is seriously blown already. I hope I can gear up to stay awake all night….it’s been awhile since I’ve done that!

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