What do you think? Do share!

I’ve had my blog a modest almost-year and I’m quickly accumulating a wealth of posts (almost 300!). I want to know what you enjoy the most, so cast your vote people! If you haven’t read them all, catch up! Good bedtime reading, I’d say.

Is it….photography like orange city or don’t jump?

My philanthropy/nonprofit/volunteer-y posts, like my guide to gift giving or loud support for planned parenthood?

Weird DIY! ideas like those origami fortune tellers or decorative dessert or having fun with math by learning how to use an abacus?

Strange things like the underwater blob or a an episode of a dumb video podcast I used to do?

Random but sincere opinion statements about Broadway, Foursquare, company metrics, and types of group conversations?

Awesome guides about things like taxes and apartment hunting?

NYC fantasticness like a fun adventure around the city or my rant about bikers?

Reblogged or linked content like sympathy cards, bagel kitchenware, or the Netherlands version of The Daily Show?

Everything random, like this or that?

What’s your favorite?

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