Interview: Josh Gondelman, Postcard Sender Extraordinaire

I’m endlessly fascinated by people who communicate in new or different ways. Josh Gondelman, a writer and comedian based in NYC, decided earlier this year to send a postcard to anyone who wanted one because he loves letter-writing. My friend Barry told me about it, and of course I eat these things up. I signed… Continue reading Interview: Josh Gondelman, Postcard Sender Extraordinaire


Sincerely, Yours, Yours Truly, Always, Warm Regards, Kind Regards, Regards, Warmly, Best, Best Ever, Best Wishes, In Friendship, Love, With Love, Cordially, Your friend, Thank you for your consideration, Hugs, Cheers, Affectionately, Later, Many Thanks, Thanks, Take it easy, Love, With Gratitude, Respectfully, Ciao, Enjoy, Choose Wisely. Because if you don’t, it’s awkward for everyone.