Press and Writing

I’m always happy to give publications the quote they may not have expected or to contribute a guest article. Communication matters! Here’s a selection of my writing and media mentions.

My writing

I enjoy writing and do so professionally and personally. From 280 character tweets to multiple chapter guides, I take pride in finding the right tone, style, and content to get the point across and provoke thinking/learning.

I occasionally blog through the Jeneralist, a blog of lists by a generalist named Jen. Additionally, all content published through GrantCraft June 2013 – May 2019 was edited and/or written by me. Other selected articles include:

I also was an avid blogger for a few years, and while I ended my blog in 2014, I haven’t deleted it. It’s interesting to go back and see what I chose to feature and how, and see how my writing and curation has evolved but still is quite visibly mine. Feel free to dig in to the archive.