Sam Hansen Reflects: The Past Year…

Part of why this accountability partnership works so well is the winning combination of sincere reciprocal support driven by rooting for each other + being able to recognize and take pride in reaching our personal goals. This is Sam’s reflection on the year:

For the past year(has really already been a year, seems more like around 12 months) I have started every morning with an email to my productivity pen-pal, and friend(this one is probably more important actually)Jen Bokoff, and it has really made all the difference. This has been a crazy year for me having involved, as it did, a 5 month trip around the world interviewing people, countless hours of audio editing, the launch of two brand new shows atACMEScience, and an important health orientated personal project. Without having Jen’s help it never would have happened, and apparently she has similar feelings which you canread about in her post here.

So Jen, thanks for a great year and here is looking forward to the next.

Once again, this is the greatest. If you feel inspired to start one of your own, let me know; perhaps I can give you some starting advice.

Also, we need to thank the 2011 MaxFunCon, without which we wouldn’t have had the personal connection and may not have entered this partnership to begin with and Tumblr, for already having some background on each other’s ‘stuff’.


Sam Hansen Reflects: The Past Year…

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