The good folks at CollegeHumor teamed up with nonprofit Malaria No More for “Malarious” (rhymes with hilarious…get it?), a collection of 24 short, original comedy videos starring more than 30 celebrities and comedians, to raise money for Malaria No More and help treat children in Africa for Malaria. The videos are available for a minimum donation of just $1.  (Just like what Louie C.K. did, but for charity!) Some highlights include Nick Offerman reading a slam poem about bacon, Reggie Watts performing a special Mosquito-related song, and Ellie Kemper trying to criticize cute little puppies.

I donated and am slowly combing through the videos; they’re hilarious and benefit a really important, actionable cause. The trailer posted here is only the tip of the iceberg. Get on board:

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