How to Make a Rape Joke

Rarely do I say this, but this article from Jezebel is pretty great and expresses my general opinion far more raunchily colorfully than I can.

In case you haven’t been in the loop on the rape + comedy = ok-or-not? conversation, Daniel Tosh made some rape jokes last week at a show, an audience member voiced that she was offended, and things escalated and the internet went crazy (in surprisingly thoughtful, opinionated conversation).

Yes, it’s horrible and cringe-worthy to think about rape as funny, in any context. But part of comedy is to allow laughter over the inappropriate and provide a different type of societal commentary. Personally, I don’t find what Daniel Tosh said funny, and I have a medium threshold for ‘inappropriate’ jokes. But, they can (and will) still be made. Hopefully, they’re done ‘right’.

How to Make a Rape Joke

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